#EP54 – 3 Biggest Lessons From 2019 with Charley Valher

Today is Christmas and here’s wishing you all a very merry one. As the year is about to end soon enough, it’s timely to look back and evaluate the experiences we’ve had all throughout the year.

We’re joined today by a good friend of mine, Charley Valher of Valher Media. We’ll be talking about the three biggest lessons we’ve learned from our experiences in running shows and working with clients.


#EP51-Being Authentic With Your Content With Matt Smolen (Part 2)

Last week, we had Matt Smolen talk to us about the processes and the journey he went through from being a freelancer to hiring his team. We had a deep dive into the business side of growing Balloon Tree Productions.

Just as promised, we’re bringing him back today to talk about the creative side of his business. Now, Matt believes delivering excellent quality is what keeps Balloon Tree Productions running. But what does excellence mean for Matt? Let’s hear it from the man himself.


#EP50-How To Scale From Freelancer To A Team Of 4 With Matt Smolen (Part 1)

Business owners understand how responsibilities pile up once you decide to scale your business. Responsibilities are a lot easier to bear when we have people to share them with.

In today’s episode, I will be talking to Matt Smolen, owner of Balloon Tree Productions. Just like many other businesses, he started from humble beginnings as a solo freelancer. Matt will be sharing with us how he started, and what it takes to grow from a freelancer to having a team of your own.


#EP49-Using LinkedIn For Lead Generation With Emily Wallace

Today’s episode will be about the core aspects you need to understand in building an audience on LinkedIn. I will be speaking to Emily Wallace, who may not be in the video industry, but is reaching thousands of people via her video posts on LinkedIn. She will be sharing with us the secrets of her journey on LinkedIn — how she scaled her buyers advocate business dramatically in less than a year.


#EP48-Video Production Business Manifesto With Ryan Spanger (Part 2)

In last week’s episode we had Ryan Spanger the owner and founder of Dream Engine with us. Ryan is not only a member of our Video Business Accelerator group.

Ryan actually wrote a manifesto which highlights all the lessons he has learned in 20 years in the industry.

This manifesto serves as his reminder to always stay on track; especially after all of the highs and lows he has experienced in running his business.

Today, we will be picking up where we left off, and I know most of you are just as excited as I am so let’s not keep you waiting. Enjoy the show.


#EP47-Video Production Business Manifesto With Ryan Spanger (Part 1)

After being in the video business industry for so long, it only takes a little loss of focus to lose track. But what does it take to make you stay in the game? How do you remind yourself that you have goals to achieve and dreams to chase?

Today, I’ll be speaking with one of my clients, Ryan Spanger, owner of Dream Engine. Ryan has been in the video production industry for 20 years, and his experience is immense. He will be sharing with us what he did to remind himself that he needs to stay on track, and how he keeps tabs on his thoughts, dreams, and goals.


#EP46-17 Lessons from The Accelerator Mastermind with Charley Valher

4 times per year I get into a room with my accelerator clients and we spend 2 days masterminding. You might be wondering what that is.

Today’s episode will be all about debriefing the recent mastermind event we did in Melbourne.

In today’s episode, we’ll be picking up where we left off. I’ll help you understand that it’s not your fault. No one’s actually told you how to run a business before. In my case, experience has been the best teacher over the past eleven years of running my own business.


#EP45-Being Too Creative Could Scare Clients Off with Simeon Quarrie (Part 2)

In part one of our back-to-back episodes with Simeon Quarrie, he shared some insights about the efficiency brought about by starting work at 2am every day. We talked about his work ethic and his ability to scale up and down depending on the projects at hand. Simeon and I also discussed how he makes sure that he is always one step ahead in the video business industry.

Today, as we continue our discussion, Simeon will share with us how, oftentimes, being too creative can scare a client. Based on Simeon’s previous experiences, he will tell us how important it is to get the right balance between creativity and meeting the demands of clients.


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