#EP53 – How to Overcome the Lack Mindset and Become Abundant with Den Lennie

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The year 2019 is coming to an end and we’re at a point in time where we start to evaluate ourselves. Have we done enough? I know some of you are starting to freak out because “I haven’t done any marketing.” For some, it’s a case of work having a ”few dry areas.”

I’ve seen and heard one too many colleagues and friends wanting to start a marketing plan in January. But why wait for January when you can do it now? 

Join me in today’s episode as we tackle the “lack mindset” and how you can actually overcome it. Enjoy!

What’s In This Episode:

  • Choosing between abundance and scarcity.
  • “You never really learn from success, you learn everything from failure.”
  • The dangers of spending time with the wrong people. Who are these wrong people?
  • Den gives tips on what to do during the “quiet times” of video businesses.
  • Things to ponder on:
    • Fear stops 95% of filmmakers from getting out of that feast and famine hole.
      • The procrastination for fear of not doing anything well is what stops you from being more successful.
      • What is the most dangerous place to be in the video business industry?
      • What is the ONLY way to scale your video business?
    • Abundant personality versus Scarce personality
      • Recognize when scarcity is showing up and understand how scarcity affects your decisions.
      • The scarce zone is a dangerous zone to be in.
      • An emotional pendulum: How does this affect decision making in the business?
      • Make decisions from a place of neutrality.
      • Choose between complaining and finding solutions to the problems you’re complaining about.
  • Den gives sage advice for those who are worried about the lack of work in January.
  • Questions you need to ask yourself if you haven’t done marketing last year.
  • What is the secret to success?
  • “None of it is easy, but it’s certainly harder when you’re on your own.”

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