#EP51-Being Authentic With Your Content With Matt Smolen (Part 2)

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Last week, we had Matt Smolen talk to us about the processes and the journey he went through from being a freelancer to hiring his team. We had a deep dive into the business side of growing Balloon Tree Productions.

Just as promised, we’re bringing him back today to talk about the creative side of his business. Now, Matt believes delivering excellent quality is what keeps Balloon Tree Productions running. But what does excellence mean for Matt? Let’s hear it from the man himself.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Matt shares his passion for creating films and being a film director.
  • Matt talks about his short film, “There’s A Mobster Under My Bed,” and how he got into MIFF(Melbourne International Film Festival).
  • Matt relays his experience with MIFF.
  • What makes Matt’s brand unique?
  • Matt’s key to success as a production company
  • Is there a thing such as “a freelancer’s curse”?
  • How Matt’s overall experience with understanding costs helped him in working with bigger corporations
  • About Balloon Tree Production’s finances
  • What is the Nirvana of every business?
  • Matt answers the question, “Why don’t other businesses treat their business as an investment vehicle?”
  • Matt describes his studios in detail—availability, what they offer.
  • Matt talks about his events.
  • “You are equipped to make things true to you.” – Matt Smolen
matt smolen

About Matt Smolen

Matt Smolen is the Owner of Balloon Tree Productions. A company that specialises in video production, photography, and media development. Matt is a director and writer who believes that excellence doesn’t always equate to being overly serious. Matt likes to give his content a fine mix of wonder, humor, and fun.

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