#EP50-How To Scale From Freelancer To A Team Of 4 With Matt Smolen (Part 1)

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Business owners understand how responsibilities pile up once you decide to scale your business. Responsibilities are a lot easier to bear when we have people to share them with.

In today’s episode, I will be talking to Matt Smolen, owner of Balloon Tree Productions. Just like many other businesses, he started from humble beginnings as a solo freelancer. Matt will be sharing with us how he started, and what it takes to grow from a freelancer to having a team of your own.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Matt’s Backstory: How did Matt go from freelancing to being a business owner?
  • Why Matt has always been conscious about giving an excellent experience to his clients
  • Matt’s story of transition from freelancing to expanding and hiring people
  • Why it is crucial to choose a team with the same beliefs and values as you
  • Matt relays the journey he went through from being a freelancer to hiring people and loading up on responsibilities (i.e., paying salaries)
  • How Matt’s team helped him leverage his time differently—from a business perspective
  • How the Video Business Accelerator has impacted Matt and his business
  • Matt’s next goal for his business
matt smolen

About Matt Smolen

Matt Smolen is the Owner of Balloon Tree Productions. A company that specialises in video production, photography, and media development. Matt is a director and writer who believes that excellence doesn’t always equate to being overly serious. Matt likes to give his content a fine mix of wonder, humor, and fun.

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