#EP49-Using LinkedIn For Lead Generation With Emily Wallace

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One of the many reasons people go into the video business industry is they love sharing stories. The question is, what platforms can you use to tell that story and showcase your prowess in videos?

Today’s episode will be about the core aspects you need to understand in building an audience on LinkedIn. I will be speaking to Emily Wallace, who may not be in the video industry, but is reaching thousands of people via her video posts on LinkedIn. She will be sharing with us the secrets of her journey on LinkedIn — how she scaled her buyers advocate business dramatically in less than a year.

Three points we are going to discuss include: 1) Three core aspects of building your audience on LinkedIn; 2) Using the power of Sales Navigator to find any position in any company you want to connect with, and; 3) The content of the connection messages.

What’s In This Episode:

  • Emily’s journey on LinkedIn
  • Emily’s approach to marketing
  • Emily’s recommendation for video businesses who haven’t maximized their LinkedIn profiles
  • Additional tips for building solid relationships on LinkedIn
  • Sales Navigator — Is it the hidden gem of LinkedIn? How do you use it?
  • Why it’s important to write a personalised message to connect with someone on LinkedIn
  • Strategies for what happens after the invitation to connect has been accepted
  • What’s a great way to get your connections engaged in a conversation?
  • The power of using video content to connect with clients on LinkedIn
  • The effort you exert and the challenges you have to undergo to win the deal
  • Consistency is key
  • Constant and consistent action yields results
  • Recommendations for a different approach to content
  • The powerful aspect of “being human” on LinkedIn
  • Suggestion on creating scripts and how to approach people
  • Hashtags on posts — How many is enough and how many is too many?
  • Put up your contact details on LinkedIn — make yourself accessible
Emily Wallace

About Emily Wallace

Emily Wallace is a Buyer’s Advocate who has expanded the reach of her business through the use of LinkedIn. She has been able to scale her business dramatically in less than a year by maximizing the power of content in gaining connections on LinkedIn. It is her primary goal to educate buyers and empower them in their property purchases.

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