#EP48-Video Production Business Manifesto With Ryan Spanger (Part 2)

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In last week’s episode we had Ryan Spanger the owner and founder of Dream Engine with us. Ryan is not only a member of our Video Business Accelerator group.

Ryan actually wrote a manifesto which highlights all the lessons he has learned in 20 years in the industry.

This manifesto serves as his reminder to always stay on track; especially after all of the highs and lows he has experienced in running his business. 

Today, we will be picking up where we left off, and I know most of you are just as excited as I am so let’s not keep you waiting. Enjoy the show.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Second Part of Ryan Spanger’s Manifesto: All About the Clients

# 10: Give the clients what they want.

  • What do your clients want?
  • Keep it simple and deliver what your clients want

# 11: No need to be an evangelist for video.

# 12: You’re running a restaurant.

  • Delivering quality service to your clients

# 13: You can have whatever you want.

  • Prepare to REALLY work for your goals
  • Is it worth the cost to get to where you want to be?

# 14: Work the system.

  • Success is bound to follow once you’ve got the right systems working in place
  • Process – Measuring – Predictability – Consistency
  • Be free by being in control.

# 15: Make the bed.

  • Doing small things right allows larger things to follow
  • Consistency and discipline

# 16: Just focus on doing one thing well.

# 17: Draw widely for inspiration.

  • Notice the little things that surround you

# 18: Take it personally.

  • Putting the right amount of your heart and soul into your work
  • Learn to let go

# 19: Never waste a good fuck-up.

  • Have a realization/transformation
  • Draw some learning

# 20: Be the wolf.

  • Be inspired by the character of the wolf
ryan spanger

About Ryan Spanger

Ryan Spanger is the Owner and Founder of Dream Engine, a video production company based in Melbourne, Australia. Ryan’s goal at Dream Engine is to help fast-track medium-sized companies to communicate, sell, and train more effectively through videos. He is committed to his mission of working with businesses to apply the Dream Engine method, and make videos that get their clients the results they need.

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