#EP47-Video Production Business Manifesto With Ryan Spanger (Part 1)

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After being in the video business industry for so long, it only takes a little loss of focus to lose track. But what does it take to make you stay in the game? How do you remind yourself that you have goals to achieve and dreams to chase?

Today, I’ll be speaking with one of my clients, Ryan Spanger, owner of Dream Engine. Ryan has been in the video production industry for 20 years, and his experience is immense. He will be sharing with us what he did to remind himself that he needs to stay on track, and how he keeps tabs on his thoughts, dreams, and goals.

If you’re going through a certain time in your business where everything just seems so dull, tune in and learn a lot of strategies for re-igniting your passion and focus.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • About the Manifesto: What is it? How did it come about?
  • Ryan Spanger’s Manifesto: What do they mean?

# 1: If the story you’re telling yourself is no longer working, you can replace it with a new and better story.

  • Examples from own experience that led to this mindset

# 2: Cut loose.

  • What are the things holding you back from achieving more?
  • Burn ships

# 3: It’s not about the gear.

  • Invest in what really matters
  • Make sure that the equipment you’re using has ROI for every project

# 4: The journey towards mastery.

  • Slow and steady work leads to the development of mastery
  • Strategy and consistency are key factors to being successful
  • Be committed to working towards mastery
  • Kaizen

# 5: The industry does not exist.

# 6: These days, every business is an online business.

  • Be very clear about your target market, your products, and offers

# 7: Learning to love sales.

  • Define sales in a way that works for you
  • Find out what you can do for your prospects to alleviate their pains

# 8: Hang on to your soul.

  • Never forget why you’re doing what you’re doing
  • Feed your creativity
  • Value the present

# 9: Have someone in your life who believes in you more than you do.

ryan spanger

About Ryan Spanger

Ryan Spanger is the Owner and Founder of Dream Engine, a video production company based in Melbourne, Australia. Ryan’s goal at Dream Engine is to help fast-track medium-sized companies to communicate, sell, and train more effectively through videos. He is committed to his mission of working with businesses to apply the Dream Engine method, and make videos that get their clients the results they need.

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