#EP42-Den Unleashed Part 1: Why So Many Businesses Stagnate or Fail with Charley Valher

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I’ve talked to a lot of filmmakers all over the world at all stages of their businesses. The ones who are the most consistently successful think differently.   95% of video companies I meet all seem to be making the same mistake. The major mistake they commit is failing to invest in what truly matters, themselves. They focus too much on the gear and evangelizing about how powerful video is.  Many are missing the chance to build a sustainable and solid business because they are focussing on the wrong things.

The good news is: it’s not too late to fix.

Today we’re testing something new. Instead of me asking the questions, we’ll turn the tables around. Charley Valher, who was our very first guest on this podcast, interviews me about my view on why businesses stagnate or fail.

We’ll be talking about what I call the freelance mentality and why it’s throttling to the growth of most video businesses.

What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why video businesses stagnate and fail
  • What is the scarcity mindset, and how does it impact the growth of your business?
  • The key to growing your business is realizing you need change
  • Invest in what matters: Knowing how to play the long game
  • The dangers of investing in stuff you don’t need with money you don’t have
  • The importance of client relations and customer service
  • What is the most ignored segment of business?
charley valher

About Charley Valher

Charley Valher is a business owner and educator. He is the Chief Podcast Officer at Valher Media, where he helps clients improve and grow their show. He is also the co-founder of Outsourcing Angel, assisting clients with their growth through virtual employees. Charley is known for his approach to business, creating time and leverage to scale. His expertise includes building systems and processes for companies, virtual assistants and teams, podcasting, and joint ventures, among others.

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