Month: December 2019


#EP54 – 3 Biggest Lessons From 2019 with Charley Valher

Today is Christmas and here’s wishing you all a very merry one. As the year is about to end soon enough, it’s timely to look back and evaluate the experiences we’ve had all throughout the year.

We’re joined today by a good friend of mine, Charley Valher of Valher Media. We’ll be talking about the three biggest lessons we’ve learned from our experiences in running shows and working with clients.


#EP51-Being Authentic With Your Content With Matt Smolen (Part 2)

Last week, we had Matt Smolen talk to us about the processes and the journey he went through from being a freelancer to hiring his team. We had a deep dive into the business side of growing Balloon Tree Productions.

Just as promised, we’re bringing him back today to talk about the creative side of his business. Now, Matt believes delivering excellent quality is what keeps Balloon Tree Productions running. But what does excellence mean for Matt? Let’s hear it from the man himself.


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