Month: September 2019


#EP41-Eradicating Scepticism, The Mindset That’s Holding Your Business Back with Chris Schwager

All entrepreneurs in the video industry want to improve. However, when given the resources to invest in personal development, many prefer to spend money on gear instead of self-improvement. In this episode, we’ll look into why investing in yourself should be a top priority for anyone serious about improving their careers. Joining us in this episode is Chris Schwager from Ridge Films.


#EP38-The Video Strategist: A New Video Paradigm with Ben Amos

In this episode, we have video strategists, Ben Amos share how he and his company were able to transform their production only offer, and add a heap of value on top. Ben has owned and operated a production business in Queensland, Australia for 12 years and the changing needs of the market drove this change. After six years of being in the production industry, he decided to expand his knowledge and enter the world of online video and marketing. Thus, the emergence of his video strategy company.


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