Month: July 2019


Video Business Growth Accelerator 4: CREATING A MARKETING SYSTEM – #EP33 – Den Lennie

Most marketers see generating leads as a simple task. However, searching for and collecting these details is much more complicated than waiting for these companies to find your content. In this episode, we’ll cover the basics of creating a system for generating leads – from converting inquiries to sales, following up customers, conducting email marketing, and researching.


Understanding Your Client’s Journey – #EP31 – Rochelle Morris

The video production industry has been continuously evolving in the past decades—client preferences changed, content shifted, and business roles expanded. In this episode, we have Rochelle Morris with us to expound more on this topic.

She shares her challenging experience in this field and discusses how she was able to adapt to different business environments. She also tackles the role of new breeds in the industry for the next few years.


Email Marketing is Dead – #EP29 – Brian Cassingena

In today’s episode, we have with us Brian Cassingena, an international speaker, a published author, a consultant, and a conversion specialist. We will be exploring various marketing techniques that will guide the video production industry into boosting both their sales and profit. In particular, the topics of email marketing, marketing ecosystem, appealing the clients, and investing will be explored.


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