Month: June 2019

Growth Accelerator 2: Getting Clear On Your Target Market – #EP28 – Den Lennie

In this episode, Den will be walking you through the discussion about the importance of knowing your target market. He will be explaining why juggling several clients from different sectors isn’t the most beneficial plan. He will be talking about how well you and your business can grow when you engage with your market. Moreover, he will be sharing essential points about how you communicate and get to know your clients.


From Nothing to $200k in 6 Months – #EP26 – Gareth Carr

Are you someone who wants to start a video production business despite having no background? Don’t worry! In this episode, Gareth Carr shares how he was able to overcome this barrier and how his passion fired up his desire to veer away from his comfort zone. He started as a land surveyor, but his first lapse video posted on Twitter jumpstarted his video production career.


The Ideal Camera Package – #EP25 – Mick Jones

Having the right tool is essential for any professional who wants to step up their game. The right camera can give filmmakers the user experience they want. However, if you ask ten different entrepreneurs about their ideal camera package, you get ten different answers. What’s the right one for you, and how much does it matter?


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