Month: May 2019


How the Video Industry Changed in 10 years – #EP24 – Mick Jones

In this episode, we meet with Mick Jones again as he talks about how content curation is increasingly becoming a crucial part of any video business. Mick has decades of experience working in the film industry, and he knows how business practices evolved year after year. We used to host a podcast together back in 2012, and now he runs his own business called Filthy Look Films.


How the Video Industry Changed in 10 years – #EP23 – Mick Jones

The approach to video production back then had a more linear structure. However, as the years go by, the industry slowly evolved and became complicated. In this episode, Mick Jones will give you an overview of how the video industry landscape changed over the years and what kinds of clients and competitions are getting in the equation. Listen in further so you’ll have an idea of what production model to adopt for your business.


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