Helping Video Business Owners Scale Fast Using the 9 Growth Accelerators™

This mastermind program will help you get more consistent clients, increase your profits, while reducing your working hours.

jonas stockfleth

Jonas Stockfleth

“Getting support from other business owners is great but the real value is in the increase in revenue and cash! I always consider the ROI when I put money into something and there is a good reason I keep on working with Den, it works.”

gareth carr

Gareth Carr

“Working with Den has completely changed my business and my outlook for the future. Using the skills and techniques Den has taught me I am gaining more clients whichgives me confidence in raising my prices and sticking to them.”

simon holt

Simon Holt

“Den’s helped me focus on key areas to help run a more efficient and growing business. His advice on marketing, systems, processes and pricing have been invaluable. We’ve even seen a 20% increase in profit in the last month”

What is the Video Business Accelerator™

The Video Business Accelerator™ is a mentorship & online accountability program exclusively for owners of video production companies.

The Video Business Accelerator™ Methodology

vba roadmap

Who is Den Lennie?

Following a 17 year career in TV production as a cameraman, DOP, producer and director, Den Lennie set up F-Stop Academy in 2009 pioneering training on DSLR.  Since then he has helped 3,287 filmmakers get the confidence they need to create the business they dreamed of.

He is the Author of “Business for Filmmakers”, “Marketing for Filmmakers”, and A Filmmakers Guide to Budgets and Quotes that increase margin on productions by 20-30% Instantly.

As a producer he has created multiple product films for Sony and helped other brands launch new technology.  This experience has allowed him to share the secrets to wining and retaining high value clients.  Many of his mentoring clients have doubled revenues in as little as 8 months.

What You'll Get


Instant access to
high value content

Instant access to digital training materials that cover different aspects of running a successful video business and being effective.

Exclusive access to a dedicated community

Get direct access to Den Lennie and others who are the best in their fields. Never again feel stuck or alone in business.

Weekly Coaching, Support and Accountability

Our members loving having some structure to follow.  We support you and encourage you to create consistency and beat procrastination

What makes this community different from other internet Video business communities?

Unlike other video communities, you can be sure that Den won't ask you to do anything he has not already tried, tested and refined himself, and you don’t have to wait weeks to get an answer. Den takes great pride in maintaining this community and is active daily. Den has a track record in production and has a body of real world work.

So if you’ve got a Video business, and you want to know how to get more clients and perhaps create a recurring revenue offer for it, or you want to know which business model would help you get the most amount of profit, and get personal coaching on how to implement the changes in your business, then joining the community is definitely the best decision you can make right now!

How you can benefit from joining this community:

You get private, one-on-one coaching with Den Lennie, so you can get customized solutions that suit your current situation

Get instant access to digital training materials that cover different aspects of running video business in the form of videos, PDF documents and audio files

You can join one of 2 weekly group live training calls and get the recordings for each call

You get access to local, face-to-face meetups (if one is available in your country)

You get access to streaming video recordings, PDF documents and audio files from live events which have tickets sold for up to $2000 each year

You can harness the collective brainpower of the community to guide you on your way to growing your business

ryan spangler
matt smollen
jonathan zoch
alec mccloskey

Great! I want to learn from others who are best in their field and get access to the exclusive video business community

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